Tuesday , October 19 2021

StarCraft II, the new cooperative commander Zeratul formula applied


Zeratul, a new cooperative commander, today is Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. StarCraft® II, a real-time strategy game, was officially launched.

Zeratul is a famous cryonic fighter and assassin who plays an important role in the storytelling of the StarCraft world from StarCraft: Brood War® to Void ™ Legacy. Protos are a hero. Zeratul is a commander capable of evolving himself and his army by the technique of Xel & ın naga, equipped with the powerful dimensional sword and hiding power.

BlizzCon 2018 Since its release on the stage, the former Zeratul Cooperative Commander, who brings together the expectations of his fans, is characterized by the ability of Prophecy Vision to raise the ability of Zelina to discover parts of the war that are hidden in the battlefield. . Zeratul can gather new talents, improve the defense and advocacy of new units and buildings, and develop new talents and improve their skills. In addition, if a secret gel finds all the works, Zeratul can use both the Avatar of the form and Essence & # 39; s Avatar.

The Zeratul announcer, who will be presented with the former Zeratul cooperative commander, will have 4,500 Won and 5,000 Won respectively in the play shop, Zeratul commander, announcer and 30-day cooperative war stimulus. Packed in the & # 39; Zeratool Master Bundle & # 39; Available for 9,500 won.

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