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Shaolin City Park Sung Kwang, Song Myeong managing brother beauty K S ri (feat.


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Park Seong-kwang, a comedian, showed the image of his brother in the manager's office.

In & # 39; The Eye of the Observer All & # 39; Park Sung Kwang released the day and the daily manager of the MBC entertainment programs were published.

These days, Park manager KwS2 & Gag Concert & # 39; The scene was invited by Park Sung Kwang. Ac I was worried that this would ruin the corner, “he said.

If you think about your comedian and your brother who decides to emerge, I don't want to disappoint you. "So Park Sung-kwang," My brother is at your side. I think I'll do well, "It's okay if I make a mistake" and encouraged me.

But Park Sung – kwang, who made a mistake on the stage.

Seong – gwang, the nerve park, followed the ambassador's ambassador. Park Sung – gwang showed his confidence and other aspects of his leadership. When I got back to NG, the scene managed to make it to the stage with a more comfortable face and successfully completed the stage.

In an interview with the production team, Song said, "My brother NG gave me a joyful environment," he said.

On the other hand, you can find the 'Jeon Shi Shi & # 39; observing the hidden magic of the stars, observing the hidden life of the stars, the most entertaining managers announcing the troubles, every Saturday at 11:00 is a program that is being published.

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