Tuesday , August 9 2022

POSCO Announces 20 Million Contributions for Mutual Growth


Reporter Lee Kyung-hyun: POSCO decided to make 20 billion to make a healthy industrial ecosystem through win-win partnership between large and small companies, and to realize a corporate philosophy. In the next five years, the POSCO will be able to provide this fund for the next five years. and & # 39; SME Support Program for Small and Medium Sized Small & Medium Enterprises & # 39; will support for.

The Industrial Revolution Movement, supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Korea, Small and Medium Enterprises and Fishery Cooperatives Foundation, is a joint development project that supports the development of SMEs. From August 2013 to July of this year, we completed Phase 1 and are in Phase 2 now. This period from September to 2023.

POSCO supports the innovation of SMEs by incorporating QSS (Fast Six Sigma) activities, a unique innovation technique in the Industrial Innovation Campaign, to develop employees' innovation mentality and machine activity (facility performance improvement). Professional consultants provide solutions to problems such as business strategy, energy and security.

POSCO also contributed 19.7 billion KRW to the Phase I project of the Industrial Innovation Movement and participated in 879 SMEs. As a result of the 1660 improvement task, companies achieved an average improvement of 20% or more on performance indicators such as error rate and production efficiency.

An official from the Korean Small and Medium Enterprises Administration said "The satisfaction of SMEs supported by POSCO QSS innovation activities was high because the consultants of POSCO directly instructed their employees to awaken the mentality of innovation." Said.

Big & small size win-win type smart factory support project matching funds with government on a one-to-one basis, offering funds to the 'Smart Factory Promotion Group' jointly operated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Company and offers various smart factories to small and medium enterprises. support.

POSCO plans to support the competitiveness of small and medium-sized production areas by linking existing QSS innovation activities and the, smart factory construction business POS, based on the self-development experience of li POSFrame lar, the world's first steel mill smart factory platform.

POSCO will establish a smart factory based on the SME management system of SMEs with CSR innovation activities and support the establishment of the SME factory and will form the basis of innovation growth of SMEs.

POSCO will examine SMEs together with relevant institutions such as the Korean Small and Medium Enterprises Federation to select SMEs to be supported. In particular, the proportion of US (non-commercial) companies is around 50% and support for relatively large alienated companies has been strengthened.[19659010;

SMEs wishing to participate can apply to the POSCO Purchasing Portal, operated by the POSCO Equipment Purchasing Office, and companies proposed by relevant organizations such as KCCI may also participate. The selection of the final target company will be made after the internal review of POSCO and the joint investigation by POSCO and related organizations.

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