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Philip Ryu and Mina sincerely apologize … Stop criticizing the lower house expertise

Philippe Ryu and Mina couple revealing the floor noise
Apology on YouTube channel bulletin board
“I will express my heart until it softens”

Ryu Philip, Mina couple / Photo = Mina Instagram

Ryu Philip, Mina couple / Photo = Mina Instagram

Philip Ryu and Mina expressed their sincerity, again apologizing for the noise between the floors.

Fourth, an apology was sent to the community bulletin board ‘Philmina TV-Ryu Philip Mina’, a YouTube channel run by Ryu Philip and Mina couple, saying, “We’re so sorry for those who bother us for this.”

The couple went to the lower house and tried to apologize, but the couple said they could not apologize directly for refusing to meet. I never think that the only thing that expresses my heart is this conversation. “short meeting.

“I will continue to express my heart carefully until my anger has subsided,” he said. “I will fully understand the current situation and always remain silent.

Ryu Philip, Mina couple / Photo = Mina Instagram

Ryu Philip, Mina couple / Photo = Mina Instagram

The debate between Ryu Philip and Mina about inter-floor noise emerged in 3rd place when an article titled ‘I’m so tired of the famous couple’s ground noise’ was published in an online community. “I’ve been thinking about this a hundred times,” said the author, “I have a person who moved into the house above my house at the beginning of last year. A year ago I started coming thumping from the upper house. It’s not over,” he published a long article.

Mina and Philippe Ryu then asked their social media account, including pole dance and video clips of DJing or dancing together at home, “Isn’t that the noise between floors in the house?” They said.

After the argument grew, Mina and Philippe Ryu immediately apologized. “I feel pathetic not taking the conservation statement seriously,” he said, “I ask for forgiveness.”

He is said to have made an effort not only to write on the Internet, but to apologize in person. Pressing the bell can be a problem if the other person does not want to, so we asked for a meeting through the management office and we apologize constantly.

The author also admitted this. According to the article reviewed on the 5th morning, “I went outside the door to go to work in the morning, and the man in the upper house (Ryu Philip) was in front of the house.”

He said, “We are not people who want to take advantage of the other benefits of this business, I hope there will be no more controversy.” I just want to live in silence without being loudly stressed. ”

“Since the man said he was ‘careful in the future,’ he said,” I hope at least it is night time. ” Finally, I hope this incident will no longer cause speculative criticism. upper class people. ”

Next is Philip Ryu and Mina’s apology.

Ryu Philip, Mina couple / Photo = Mina Instagram

Ryu Philip, Mina couple / Photo = Mina Instagram

We apologize to those who are very uncomfortable with us.

Of course I want to see my neighbors in the lower house and ask for forgiveness, but I don’t want to talk, so I’ll take some time to express my heart and be mindful ahead.

It was as if I greeted the downstairs neighbors for a moment.

He wanted the boy to sleep comfortably.

I don’t think the short talk today is all my thoughts.

This is natural. I will continue to express my heart carefully until my anger has subsided.

I am fully aware of the current situation and will always remain silent.

(((One more pardon from the neighbors of the lower house)))

I am so embarrassed and sorry for only now realizing the seriousness of the situation.

You wrote about us to the Natefan community.

He heard DJing and drum sounds at home and said he had suffered throughout the year. (We don’t have any equipment for DJing or drum sounds. Sorry again because you’re saying it’s too loud.)

I felt really pitiful as I was not really aware of the guard’s statement. I am a person with many shortcomings with more than thirty pattern sequences devoid of social experience. I wish forgiveness.

Now, many people comment on ground noise on YouTube. I say sorry for every comment and in this case it is more wrong for me not to reply to the comments so I try my best to answer it.

Even now I am so embarrassed and sorry that I only learned the words of a neighbor who said that I had suffered for a year.

Those who say that we should set an example as a public figure are a hundred thousand times and they are right.
We will apologize for a long time. I will not take this as a simple case.

I express my desire to apologize, not to avoid responsibility.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

In the future, we will try to be aware of the seriousness of the situation and be mindful of the noise.

The following is the full text of the article below.

Hello, this is author.

When I stepped outside the door to go to work in the morning, the man in the upper house was in front of the house. I could not speak for a long time because I was in a hurry to work. He said he came to apologize.

I hope there will be no more discussions in the future, so I’ll leave it here.

We are not willing to take any other advantage out of this business. Some people say what they want financially or whether they want to eat celebrities, but we don’t have that kind of mind and we don’t intend to live with it.

This is the only one we sincerely hope and want. At least after 9-10 pm I want to live in silence, free from stress from loud noises, like those living in other public apartments.

The big noises you hear during the day are often unintentional, and when we raise a baby, we scream and feel sorry for the lower house when the baby runs out of the place where the cushion was placed.

The man said he was careful in the future, so hopefully at least it’s night time. We will also be very careful.

Finally, I hope this incident will stop any speculative criticism from the elders. Through this event, we would like to express our gratitude to many of you who are concerned with our problems related to inter-floor noise.

So have a good day. Thank you.

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