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NASA, Space X and Blue Duck hold hands to explore the bear

NASA, Space X and Blue Duck hold hands to explore the bear
US space research company SpaceX develops manned spaceship Starship

NASA decided to take over five companies, including SpaceX and Blue Origin, to explore the Moon.

Space.com, a space science media agency, said on Monday that NASA selected these private companies as partners in the Artemis project.

"American aviation companies of all sizes are participating in the Artemis program," said NASA director Jim Brydenstein. "We are expanding the range of qualified groups in the Moon Pay Service Program (CLPS) to the moon," We are saving money and evacuating US taxpayers. "

SpaceX is a private space research company founded by Illa Musk, Tesla's CEO, and is recognized in space development technology by launching more than 20 recycled rockets each year. Launched by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, in return for SpaceX, Blue Origin specializes in the commercial space travel industry. Bezos named the moon landing ship "Blue Moon".

In addition to SpaceX and Blue Origin, companies in the Artemis project include Ceres Robotics in Sierra Nevada Corporation of Louisville, Colorado, Palo Alto, California and the Tibac Nano Satellite System in Irvine, California. There.

“This partnership is about leveraging to reach innovation in the private sector as soon as possible, Thomas said Thomas J. Birkin, NASA Deputy Director of Science Mission. Wearing. "

NASA has launched the Artemis project, which will return to the moon for the 50th anniversary of the landing of the human moon this year, and plans to reduce the land of the manned moon to the moon by 2024.
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