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[KS]Woochun Stream final fixation in the 4th round of Incheon Decreased rainfall rate: Sport shipbuilding


In the afternoon, KBO League Korea Series (KS) 4th game SK Wyverns and Doosan Bears will be played at the Happy Dream Stadium in Incheon SK. Incheon, where the game was held, is expected to rain all day on day 8. A literary space with a tarp. Incheon = Reporter Song Jung-heon [email protected]/2018.11.08

The 4th round of the 2018 Korean Series between Doosan Bears and SK Wyverns will take place in the 8th Incheon Munhakpyo Stadium.

KBO announced the Woochun festival at 16:00. It rained in the morning in Incheon. After the third round of the day, the authorities of the literary field held a large tarp covering the inside and outside of the field. In the afternoon, it was predicted that the race could be held in a difficult way. However, about two hours and 30 minutes before the race started, from 16:00 onwards, the rain started to grow thicker again. Weather forecasts continued until evening. As a result, KBO decided it would be difficult to keep a normal game and decided to make a rainy season. The fourth game will be held at 9:30 at 9:30 in the Stadium of Literature, and the following program will be postponed one day.

It is the eighth time that Korean series compete in a rainy season. After the rain, the season is 18 & # 39;

Incheon = Park Sang Kyung reporter [email protected]

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