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Ki Tae-young ♥ Eugene, back hug hand drop… Daldal quirk of a 12 year old couple


Familiar faces from new chef Cho Sang-mi to Ki Tae-young’s wife Eugene visited ‘Pyeon Restaurant’.

The 100th special ‘Ramen War’ continued on KBS 2TV’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’ on the 15th. Since this is the 100th episode, special stars were featured on the day’s broadcast, while chefs from the best drama such as Lee Kyung-gyu, Lee Young-ja, Ryu Su-young, and Jeong Sang-hoon competed.

First, the new chef Sangsoo Sangmi, who will grace the 100th special ‘Ramen War’, was introduced. Representative charismatic actress Sang-mi Choe talked about her daily life with her husband Lee Seok-jun and 11-year-old son Ji-mi Ji via ‘Pyeonstorang’. They were surprisingly honest with each other, but they kept laughing the whole time, and the charm of his cute son Ji-myeon, especially full of aegyo, made the audience smile.

The fiery appetite of the Chosunmi family surprised people. Lee Seok-jun and Myeong-i, who have eaten Cheongyang pepper since childhood, said they are “spicy flavored lovers”. In contrast, Cho Sangmi made spicy dishes using cheongyang chili oil and cheongyang chili salt. Here, in the middle of cooking, the inverted and sloppy charm of abstract beauty was captured, and the cooking encounter between Sang-mi Cho and Seok-jun Lee caused laughter. Eugene officially appeared on ‘Pyeonstorang’ with husband Ki Tae-young. . In the past, ‘Pyeonstorang’ showed Ki Tae-young’s daily life responsible for cooking, cleaning and childcare, while Eugene was away from home to shoot the drama ‘Penthouse’. Always busy and tired, Ki Tae-young appeared with a bright face when Eugene returned. He also proved to be a representative darling of the entertainment industry by naming his wife’s name “Our Eugene” until his mouth wore off. He showed the skin of the ‘Back Hug Hand Drop’ no less than the famous scene from the movie ‘Love and Spirit’. Everyone couldn’t help but be surprised to see Ki Tae-young naturally standing behind Eugene and wrapping his arms around him for a long time. Kyung-gyu Lee, “Is this real life?” she complained. Even after 12 years of marriage, they still looked like newlyweds. Ki Tae-young said, “People thought I wasn’t busy. I am working too. I’m busy too,” she complained sweetly, and Eugene, noticing Ki Tae-young’s sadness, said, “Don’t tell Ki Tae-young that you’re taking a long break from now on.” However, after a short while, Eugene told her. He created a warm atmosphere by thanking him, “Without Ki Tae-young, there wouldn’t be ‘Penthouse’ Oh Yun-hee.”

‘Pyeonstorang’ airs every Friday at 21:40.


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