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"His mother-in-law, not yet, but someday the way to go."

[文대통령, 국민과의 대화]"1" Maybe I will not benefit "
President Moon Jae-in said on 19 that he could not yet realize the truth.

President Moon said, durumunda In a dialogue with the people of 2019 ”, the recruitment system has become a hot topic and our society will have to go one day. Recently, the Democratic Research Institute, a democratic think tank, issued a controversial "morbidity card" before next year's general elections.

President Moon, "To meet the increasing budget, we must increase the number of professional soldiers and raise the salaries of soldiers," he said. “North Korean-North Korean relations should be further developed to talk about disarmament and recruitment,” he said.

Mr. Lise asked a male student who said he was a freshman in high school at the scene, “whether he had a lot of problems with the military, but if I could at least make a refund change before he went to the military”. Same. "
Mr. Moon, 100 Our 100% believe that we should solve the unfair problem in taking military positions. There are many. Herkes “Everyone needs to do military service before hiring. Instead, they need to reduce their terms of service, increase their salaries, and place them in positions that fit their abilities or abilities. ” By Kim Ji-hyun, staff correspondent jhk85@donga.com

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