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Chosun Ilbo defeated MBC's case

Chosun Ilbo defeated MBC's case

Chosun Ilbo lost the case, claiming that he had harmed MBC, who reported allegations of external pressure in the investigation of the Jang-Natural Case in Chosun Ilbo. The court did not accept any political information or claim from Chosun Ilbo.

The civil affairs division of the Seoul West District Act (Jung Eun-young, Judge Jung Jung-young) rejected plaintiff's request in a case against Chosun Ilbo's former MBC and former Cho Hyun-oh police chief.

MBC PD Notebook, in July of last year, Chosun Ilbo & # 39; Cho said he was under pressure from Chosun Ilbo. Chosun Ilbo also sued MBC and PD laptop manufacturers and former director Cho, as compensation of KRW 950 million.

However, the judiciary said, "By comparing relevant statements and past investigations, it is difficult to accept that Cho's statements were false." “It was also acknowledged that the claim for compensation was the public interest of MBC's report and was reported for slander. It's hard to see. "

By Kim Ji-young, Staff Correspondent jikim@sedaily.com

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