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A man from the age of 50 & # 39; cat & # 39; then a rabid & # 39; to avoid contact with wildlife – Kookmin Ilbo

Rabies are usually caused by dogs, but can also occur when they are bitten by a cat. Getty Images

A 50-year-old Englishman died of a rabid outbreak after a bite from a cat. In the United Kingdom, especially in the US & # 39; rabid cat & # 39; The fear is spreading.

Omar Jurie, 58, visited Kenil Trafal in Morocco last month to meet his family, according to the Daily Mail. There he was bitten by rabid a wild cat. After returning to the UK after receiving the basic treatment. But the rabies vaccine did not fit the time and died in the last four days.

Omar Jurri is a British-Moroccan double nationality. When he was bitten by a cat, he remained about 30 miles from Morocco's capital Morocco. Daily mail

The UK Public Health Service (PHE) is calling for attention to wildlife while traveling in countries with a high proportion of rabies and Sağ plans to monitor the deaths of family members, friends and health personnel who treat it. And I'm gonna give you a vaccine. "

"Symptoms typically take two to three months to appear," said Jimmy Whitworth Daily Mail, professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. However, as this may be as short as a week, it should be treated immediately and vaccinated (if bitten by wildlife).

Rabies, if caught by a viral infection that affects the brain and the central nervous system, can cause serious death. It is spread by the bite of the animal and does not spread to humans. Initially headache and anxiety symptoms occur, difficult breathing, hallucinations can lead.

A photo of the rabies of cats distributed by the British Public Health Service (PHE). Meghan Murphy

According to the CDC, there has never been a rabies epidemic in Korea since 2004. But it's one of the countries that are infected with rabies. There are about 49,000 cases of rabies worldwide each year. Rabies occur in more than 150 countries from which 95% come from Africa or Asia. In September, a bomb carcass with a rabies virus was found in the United States.

Most are caused by rabid dogs, but for cats and other wild animals. You can move. If the animal is bitten or scratched or if the wound is licked, the wound or exposed area should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and immediately consulted by a specialist. Vaccines should be given once a year to prevent rabies.

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