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52 trillion hours per week

52 trillion hours per week
Employees are focusing on working in a small and medium-sized business in Gyeonggi-do, which is about to run a 52-hour working week. Seoul Economy DB

When the 52-hour working week is implemented, it is estimated that the additional costs incurred by SMEs earn 3.33 trillion.

Noh Min-sun, a research fellow at the Research Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, held a meeting at the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Seoul, Yeouido, on September 19. The average monthly income per employee earned 334,000, so the total wage reduction earned 2.64 trillion. ”Eventually the company will pay an additional fee 3.3333 trillion additional fee.

Toplam The total additional cost of working hours decreased by $ 142.2 billion in 2018 compared to the previous year, resulting in an increase of $ 420 billion in SMEs. Zarar This means that the damage to SMEs and manufacturing is small. ”In this context, Roh argued that SMEs should be accompanied by improving productivity and that a special regulation is needed to increase the efficiency of SMEs.

"When labor supply and demand is not easy, when labor productivity is increased and labor cost is increased, it leads to the crisis of SMEs," said Professor Lee Han-Ho. This is necessary. Lee Professor Lee stressed that in order to sit for 52 hours a week, labor management agreements should be accompanied by institutional developments to revitalize flexible working systems such as flexible working hours.

Company officials, who became panelists, complained of difficulties in the field. Xinhua Fastener Co., Ltd. Jung Han-sung, CEO, said, “The overtime working system, which is restricted weekly, needs to be rearranged to be expanded monthly or annually like Japan.” Hanshin Special Engineering Co., Ltd. iz We can hinder our work commitment by finding side jobs to worry about salary reduction, Han said Han Yong-hee, managing director. For them more freedom to work should be respected. ” Zor It's hard to cope with environmental changes, such as the development of industrial structures and the diversity of ways they work, Lee said Lee Seung-gil, Professor of Ajou University. "The implementation of the 52-hour week just a month away is a crisis for small and medium-sized businesses." said. By Lee Sang Hoon

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