Monday , June 14 2021

5 NK strike seems to depend on success …

Help Jae Lee Jae Sung 5. © Getty Images

Lee Jae-sung (Holstein Kill), who recently returned from injury, regains his skills.

Lee Jae-sung, Paderborn, Paderborn & # 39; s Bentleen Arena against Paderborn & # 39; s in the 2018-19 German Bundesliga 2nd round league match in the 6th minute of the 13th lap with Kingsley Schindler threw his equinox.

Lee Jae-sung, who helped League 5, added attack points within 35 days of his play against Erzgebirge-Aye on 6 of last month.

Lee Jae-sung, who caused a knee injury after assisting number 4, returned earlier this month and showed his unbeatable position as a midfielder.

However, they did not meet in the national team after the second match of the A-match in November.

"Lee Jae-sung hasn't played for a long time and has been left out even during the last call," says Bentou. I just came back from my team, but I didn't want to call back.

However, Lee Jae-sung's open positions are still in the third period of Ben Thu Hoh, Lee So-hee (Tottenham), Ki Sung Yong (Newcastle), Chung Woo Young (Al Sadd) and Lee Seung. -woo (Verona) as well as the core resources.

On the other hand, Holstein scored 4-4 with Paderborn at the end of the spine match.[데일리안 스포츠 = 김평호 기자]

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