Thursday , August 5 2021

& # 39; Sangmyungmon 2 & # 39; Yoon Hae-young "Alex looks like her husband, I will also remove my makeup" – Sports Today

[스포츠투데이 김현민 기자] Actor Yoon Hae Young, her husband, '' Sangmon-myeon 2 & # 39; also mentioned.

11) th SBS in the entertainment program # Dongwoonimon Season 2 – You are my destiny (hereinafter 'Dongwangmong 2 & # 39;), the next night at 11: 10 appears as a special MC & Yoon Haeyoung & He published a picture of him. Recently SBS drama "Misuma: Revenge Goddess & # 39; Yoon Hae Young, who made a strong impression as the (New Styles), is the new recorded & # 39; Sangmyonmong 2 & # 39; he drew attention with his cheerful dances in the studio records.

Yoon Hae Young 's husband, singer and actress has seen a seemingly tall' Hunnam & # 39; s look like Alex. he was known as an ophthalmologist. Today, Yoon Hae-young saw her husband and said, "I've been first at sight." She met her husband and said, im I went out without much expectations (my husband was cut). When Seo Janghoon talks about Alex, “it looks a lot like Alex. When you go to the game, people around you can tell you to take a photo. Oyun

MCs asked, "Alex is a very romantic man, but also a husband?" Yoon Hae-young said, ler My husband cleaned my husband on honeymoon. "I picked up my mouth and hit the back door.

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