Thursday , July 29 2021

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[스포츠조선닷컴 이지현 기자] In the afternoon, Singer Son Seung-yeon concerts in the Goyang Aram Nuri Aram Theater in Gyeonggi Province.

The latest Seung Yeon, about 180 minutes on the release scene, published by Seung Seon Yeon & # 39; several types of album, & # 39; early & # 39; In addition to singing, he caught the audience's ears with a high-quality scene that brought together ballads such as the publication of songs that many fans loved. Specifically, you'll see the 39 Summer Medley ley, ley Dance Medley Dance, ley Hip Hop Medley & # 39; A variety of configurations, including in the midst of their concerts, and the new retreat that could only be seen at the concert, captivated the audience. Singer Sue, a special guest, led to a more enthusiastic response with delightful dances and brilliant performances.

In particular, this concert, which was the last concert concert and encore concert of the national tour, has reached an enthusiasm with a rich audience. We chose couples and couples to carry out the game, transmit gifts and communicate. The audience also touched the Son Seung-yeon by preparing a surprise event for the latest Seon-yeon, which successfully completed his first national tour. The audience watching the performances of the latest Seung-Yeon, through SNS, gave an explosive response, such as ney It was a great scene where the effort was felt ild and ın I was happy to hear the sound of Son Seung-yeon directly at the concert Son.

Sohn Seung-yeon, who finished his nationwide tour concert, grew more and more as a singer, and the industry man confirmed the endless ticket strength and likelihood of Son Seung-yeon and then strengthened his position as a Queen.

On the other hand, Son Seung Yeon is constantly working on music to make various performances and new albums.

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