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What was the morning breakfast?

Shizuka and Ko Chang-hwan, who were traveling with their families, were released in the 15th of MBC's 39 Daughter of the Weird Country A.

These days, the Shizuka family ate the usual cereal breakfast. This parent told his unhappiness and asked his father-in-law to eat breakfast in this way.

Shizuka said when she was eating, she was eating cereal, an empty stomach. He said he even had cereal when his brother-in-law was gone.


My mother's mother-in-law says people should go to work and go to work, and when the atmosphere is weird, Chang Chang – hwan said that cereal is nutritious with his wife.

Later in his interviews, my mother-in-law emphasized the importance of breakfast and said that breakfast was the best and that Shizuka should not buy because there was a lot of food to eat.

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