Friday , July 30 2021

[단독] Four at the Pyongyang Peak

It was later revealed that Pyongyang's Air Forces 1 and 2 planes, in addition to the Air Force 1 and 2 aircraft, were awarded to Pyongyang during the in-Korean summit of Pyongyang.

According to the data provided by the Free House of Representatives, the airplanes arriving at Pyongyang Airport on September 18 were B-747 and B-737. The next day, on day 19, the fifth unit (VCN-235) was added. Unit 5 is separate from military transport aircraft (C-130H) carrying winter clothing for the climb of Baekdu Mountain on September 19, and the government has not yet released Pyongyang for 5 units. For the purpose of North Korea's fifth visit to North Korea, the government said: Kore In line with the North Korea Unit 1 and 2, in line with the operation plan of the Ministry of National Defense, emergency We've traveled as a “back-up plane et to prepare for situations.

"Unit 5 violates the regulations of the Department of Defense", Chung claims. According to the operation plan of the Ministry of National Defense, when using the spare machine, it is necessary to make the same program with the chairman and other key personnel, and when Unit 5, Mr. We have done the thing ", he said," to protect the background against the violation of Article 5 "(C-130H). An official from the Cheong Wa Dae Security Center said, Birim We know that after the Air Force's decision to visit Baekdu Mountain, it has put Unit 5 as a substitute. "The air force is the army's responsibility, not the guard."

House After a press release, a Blue Home security official 39 has decided to visit Baekdu Mountain and commissioned Unit 5 as a spare unit based on the decision of the Air Force Ministry of Public Security and a replacement unit Samji Considering the capacity of. I know. "

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