Tuesday , October 26 2021

Suzuki changed some features of “Jimny” and “Jimny Sierra” Added idling stop to 4-speed AT car –Car Watch


Jimny XC

Suzuki announced on September 16 that it will launch the lightweight all-wheel drive vehicle “Jimny” and the small all-wheel drive vehicle “Jimny Sierra” with some changes in specifications from October 20. The price is 1,485,000 to 1,903,000 yen for the Jimny and 1,793,000 to 2,084,500 yen for the Jimny Sierra.

With this partial feature change, an automatic light system was also installed on vehicles without Suzuki Safety Support.

In addition, the idling stop system when the vehicle is stopped has been added to 4-speed AT vehicles. As a result, the WLTC mode fuel consumption of the 4-speed AT car increased to 14.3km/L for the Jimny and 14.3km/L for the Jimny Sierra.

Jimny Sierra J.C.

Also added spare tire under cover to Jimny.

Jimny XL (rear)

model engine transfer moving road price WLTC mode fuel consumption (km/L)
Jimny XG Inline 3-cylinder 0.66 liter turbo 5-speed MT 4WD (part time) 1,485,000 yen 16.2
4-speed AT 1,611,500 yen 14.3
Jimny XL 5-speed MT 1,611,500 yen 16.2
4-speed AT 1,738,000 yen 14.3
Jimny XC 5-speed MT 1,776,500 yen 16.2
4-speed AT 1,903,000 yen 14.3
Jimny Sierra JL Inline 4-cylinder 1.5 liter 5-speed MT 1,793,000 yen 15.0
4-speed AT 1,919,500 yen 14.3
Jimny Sierra J.C. 5-speed MT 1,958,000 yen 15.0
4-speed AT 2,084,500 yen 14.3

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