Sunday , April 11 2021

[Son dakika haberi]68 new corona infections confirmed in Sendai City on April 1 Detection of mutant strains (Sendai Television) – Yahoo! News – Yahoo!

  1. [Son dakika haberi]68 new corona infections were confirmed in Sendai City Mutant strains on April 1 (Sendai Television) – Yahoo!Yahoo News
  2. “No way to take action” to apply “non-proliferation” to Sendai City (April 1, 2021)ANNewsCH
  3. Sendai City Mayor “If non-spread measures are implemented, they will be followed.”FNN Prime Online
  4. Governor Miyagi “I expected this to fit into double households, but the wave has changed” To 200 newly infected “Situation is more severe than in Osaka (Sendai Television)” – Yahoo!Yahoo News
  5. Sendai Mayor Miyagi, largest ever number, cautious about “demand for defense” (April 1, 2021)ANNewsCH
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