Thursday , August 18 2022

“Snoopy Puzzle Journey”, reprint event “Star Collection” held


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The popular Halloween event “Snoopy Puzzle Journey” has also been reprinted! There is also a pack with wallpaper that you can use on your smartphone ♪ Let’s get the cute witch Snoopy ♪

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“Snoopy Puzzle Journey” currently being distributed on iOS/Android/Amazon will hold a reprint Halloween event starting today! The sorcerer Snoopy, who was so popular last year, is back. If you haven’t bought it yet, please take this opportunity to get it.

◆ Reprint event “Star Collection” is now held!

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Play the event stage that appears for a limited time and win various rewards! If you collect 135 stars, you can get the joint “Snoopy / Wizard”, which is the main prize of this event.

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In addition, many icons, photo frames, puzzle elements, etc. you will receive, so please aim for completeness. (* If you’ve already received event-limited icons, partners, and frames, you can earn alternative rewards by collecting stars up to the number of points earned for each reward.

Period: 11 October 2021 (Monday) 10:00-21 October (Thursday) 9:59

◆ Snoopy wallpaper coin packs available for smartphones are on sale

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Meet a great set of wallpapers that you can save and use on your device! The design is of course the original implementation. A trendy design of Snoopy wearing a Spanish bullfighting costume ♪ On sale for a limited time, so don’t miss it.

Period: 11 October 2021 (Monday) 10:00-21 October (Thursday) 9:59

◆ Become a LINE friend and learn about awesome gifts!

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If you become friends with the official “Snoopy Puzzle Journey” LINE, you will receive cute wallpapers and information about cool gifts every month. As a “monthly gift” only to LINE friends, we will send you a gift code that can get you around the 10th of each month ♪ Please register as a friend so you don’t miss out on deals.

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