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Akai Professional will improve the power and versatility of the MPC platform by launching the MPC 2.3 update

With the new software update, users of the MPC X / MPC Live / MPC Software 2 can use three new and powerful built-in synthesizers audio sources and the new functions of TubeSynth, Bassline, Electric.

Akai Professional has released MPC software 2.3 since November 16th. A major update of this software and firmware is to make it possible to use the three powerful, versatile and impressive synthesizers (TubeSynth, Bassline, Electric) of AIR Music Technology in an independent MPC. We strengthen the function. This is a era-building function to convert the MPC from the sampler to a real music production machine. Also, you can't miss adding Autosampler and Arpeggiator. We strongly recommend this update to all MPC X, MPC Live and MPC Software 2 users.

TubeSynth emulates the sound of a vintage analog polyphony and carries five integrated AIR effects. TubeSynth from AIR Music Tech is designed for easy operation using MPC Q-Links based on advanced analog modeling technology installed on the highly respected desktop plug-in synth Vacuum Pro. So. Tubesynth comes with a factory library containing the latest preset tunes, such as pads, plaques, basses and electrodes.

● Flexible 3 oscillator configuration (noise, sawtooth wave, rectangular wave, pulse wave, triangular wave)
● Two different Unison motors that add toner thickness
● Customizable Oscillator 2 (EQ / Drive parameter)
● Low Pass Filter with pre / post distortion / variable tilt function
● Continuous change in range setting Polyphonic Glide / Portamento
• Envelope including Filter / Amp / Ramp to be assigned to different modulations
● Oscillator / Ring Modulation providing a wide range of audio processing
● Air Choir, Delay, Reverb, Compressor and Hype EQ
Approximately 300 patches corresponding to a wide variety of types such as Synth, Lead, Pluck, Pad, Bass, Organ, FX
● Oscillator 1 and 2 can be used with Filter Envelope to change the shape of each oscillator Env Shape parameter

The AIR Bassline reproduces the classic sound of the monster with a unique ripple. In addition to four types of AIR, two distortion algorithms are built-in.
● OCTAVESAW, SAW, PULSE, SINE Oscillators expressing a wide range of ever-changing sounds
● Detect a strong base volume by layering sub and 5 degree oscillators
● Low pass and Highpass filters
● 150 or more presets

AIR Electric is a classic electric piano emulator.
● Depending on the parameter section of the turntable, envelope, bell and noise that make up the electric piano sound, various timbre adjustment can be made.
● Tremolo with 5 types of AIR effect, Tube Distortion, Chorus, Delay and Bow Echo
● 80 or more presets

In addition to the AIR add-ons: MPC 2.3 has many other enhancements.
● Auto sampler – Capture capture presets of plug-in presets or external devices, and automatically create key group sample patches. This is ideal for fast patching from synthesizers and drum machines.
● Crossfade Looping – Real-time cross-fading cycles are possible during sample playback.
● Arpeggiator – Arpeggiator and sentence player.

"MPC 2.3 greatly improves the user experience," says Dan Gill, Product Product Manager at Akai. "A new add-on should open a new world of creative possibilities"
This update is free for existing users of the MPC software 2 (2.0 – 2.2). For MPC users, the new purchase price of MPC 2.3 is $ 199.99, and the MPC software 1 or MPC Essentials will be upgraded to $ 99.99. d.
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Akai Professional, the world's most influential music production equipment manufacturer, is developing the most important technology of a unique expression tool to support music producers. Akai Professional is the most recognized name for developing legendary MPCs that inspire producers and performers and produce a completely new genre of music. Akai Professional is a member of inMusic Japan.

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