Sunday , April 11 2021

Nana Yamada announces her retirement from the entertainment world “I’ll live a happy life” | ORICON NEWS

Nana Yamada (28), a former member of the NMB48 idol group and talented, updated her Twitter on the 31st. He announced that he would retire from the entertainment world the same day.

Yamada said, “This is a report. I’m retiring from the world of show and entertainment today on March 31st. It’s been a really fun time for about 10 years! The word of thanks is full of hearts. Thank you very much.” .

He said positively, “I wish everyone a lot of happiness and I will live a happy life.”

Yamada passed his first NMB48 exam in 2010. He was the captain of the M Team and graduated from the group in April 2015. After graduation, he became a solo talent. My sister is a former NMB48 member and actress Suzu Yamada (19).

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