Wednesday , October 20 2021

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The Liberal Democratic Party member of the Liberal Democratic Party, Hiroyuki Sonoda, deputy secretary-in-chief, the funeral and funeral ceremony at the Linfenji temple in Tokyo and the 16th place in Mita, LDP general secretary Toshihiro Toshihiro and Japan. Yukio Edano, former deputy of the Constable Democratic Party, formerly held in Mr. Sonoda's constitutional Democratic Party. Masayoshi Takemura, the former deputy chairman who left the LDP and led the new party, joined and lived in many political parties beyond the groups.

Mr. Takemura read his condolences and in 1994 announced the idea of ​​Mr. Sonoda led to the Tomiichi Murayama Cabinet, which was the coalition of the LDP, PRESTO parties. "Mr. Murayama was the most trustworthy, the most important pillar of the administration," said Mr. Sonoda, Chancellor Assistant Secretary. Said. I have recommended to the minister of Ryutaro Hashimoto's cabinet, but Mr. Sonoda appeared.

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