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"Kurrawloirieu Asia" won the world war of Korea's KING-ZONE Dragon X! (Famitsu App) – Famitsu AppVS

King-ZONE Dragon X Strike Fierce War

Official "Crash · Royale" in "Clarowa League Asia". November 11, 2018 in the world's best war game was held in the playoffs. This fierce battle was captured by the South Korean KING – ZONE Dragon X.

Suitable for playoffs

SANDBOX (Korea), KING – ZONE Dragon (X), PONOS Sports (Japan), Bren Esports (Southeast Asia) four teams proceeded to play-off.

● 1st match


● 2nd match

PONOS Sports – Bren Esports

● Final with both winners

1 match SANDBOX (Korea), KING – ZONE Dragon X (Korea).

In the first set, KING – ZONE won the Dragon X, 2-1 on the contrary. In the second set, the SANDBOX Beaver player, KING – ZONE X – bow master player and both teams face the Ace. The X-bow won the Master-ZONE Dragon X (Korea) finals, winning two consecutive winning winners.

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2. Matches PONOS Sports (Japan), Bren Esports (South East Asia)

Although PONOS Sports had a game in the first set, Bren Esports had two consecutive wins.

2 sets, PONOS Sports Leki Jones, Bren Esports Manong Jhipee player. Bren Esports won a mistake that Reiki will use the Born Tornado. Bren Esports progresses to the final.

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Final, KING – ZONE Dragon X and Bren Esports.

Bren Esports wins the first set.

The second set is the Dragon Master of the KING-ZONE Dragon, and the Bren Esports Manon Jhipee & # 39; s 2-1 selection and Xbox master player wins.

In the third set, King – ZONE Dragon, Big Daddy player and Bren Esports, Trainer ken. He won the Big Daddy 2-1.

On the 4th set, KING – ZONE won the Dragon, Ho player and Bren Esports, the Trainer ken player, Ho player. With that, the King – ZONE Dragon X decided to take the world war.

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PONOS call

I was disappointed in this interview, but I interviewed PONOS Sports, who decided to join the world's best war.

in the caseThe IMG - 4368

– There was a mistake of using the BAN Tornado, but was there still a tension?

Reiki JonesI didn't notice the last judge when I said, "I used the BAN card." While I was waiting, I knew the other side was posing for a moment, so I thought it was a terminal problem or something. With a mistake you haven't done so far, you have to be too primitive. There was a lack of attention.

– Do you feel strongly about wanting to take back this mistake in world war?

Reiki JonesThat's right. So far, I've lost everything I lost when I lost it here. This time was the first time to lose. But I was blessed and moved forward because Japan was a host country. I think I want to win the championship that it makes sense for today's defeat.

– How did he summarize this fight?

Tangerine orangesI think it is good that I think it would be better if I think later, I think it is their reflection point. I think the feeling that I cannot be defeated is definitely a lot of space compared to the 1st season.

– Is there a difference between winning and winning the world's best match?

Tangerine orangesThis does not change. Everyone was thinking of winning the 2nd season.

– Next December will be the only team to lose and join, but do you feel revenge?

Tangerine orangesI think if we don't fall for this defeat, we'll use our power as a spring and we'll do my best.

– Boba will be the second world war, but please tell me your enthusiasm.

angerI got an annoying result in the London World Cup, so I really want to win the championship.

– This time various teams from all over the world will be rivals, but do you decide whether to explore your opponent or expand your own strengths?

Tangerine orangesWe are thinking about raising ourselves and gathering the least information about the enemy. I want to be able to show power even if I fight.

KING-ZONE Dragon X call

This time I had an interview with KING – ZONE Dragon X, who won a great victory.


– How was the playoff in Japan?

X-bow masterI was annoyed because it wasn't a house. However, we were able to play happily because everyone from the audience supported us together.

JulyJapan was also good because it is a country I want to visit. All in all, I was happy with the support of the visitors.

GrandfatherSince I was a client in the studio, I was more nervous than usual. It was fun because your reaction was nice.

– As a representative of Asia, I will participate in the world war, but can you comment while we carry the other teams?

HomeThere are many long history teams in America, Europe and America, and China has well-known athletes. As other Asian countries grow and grow, I want to show the power of the Asian team in the world war.

– X – bow master has a quiet look, but this time I was a little surprised at the victory and crying look.

X-bow masterI didn't think of crying before the game started, but when I actually won, nature and tears overflowed.

– I'm asking you for your enthusiasm for world war.

JulyI want to show a good image by showing the abilities as usual.

Mr. Supercell Satomi Mura Review

– Clarowa League Asia has individual paragraphs, how do you feel?

Hiroshi Tomonura (hereinafter referred to as Tonemura)I'm finished, but I don't feel like I'm finished because world war is on hold. However, I've come up with season 1, season 2 and I think it's a very long period.

– How do you feel 2 seasons?

TonomuraEven if I didn't say anything about success, I think you might have drawn your attention because of the world war in Japan.

– How many points do you look at?

TonomuraAbout 50 points? Because it's still evolving.

– Did you try to play the game with the audience and move towards the world war?

TonomuraI thought it was a little quieter, but thanks to Mr. Kioki, it was nice to be excited about everyone. He lost PONOS in Japan, but he was very pleased that everyone in the audience was excited about the last game.

– What will happen next?

TonomuraI don't want to stop it, so I don't know what it's going to be, but we want to do it. I think I can tell you something before. Please wait and wait.

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