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"Kake Fure 2" Theme Song an Animal Biscuit x PPP "Get It! Japali Beat" | Barks

. Kumono Friends 2 ono launched in January 2019, was announced to be responsible for the theme song of the TV animation ono Kumono Friends 2 olduğ.

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"Kumonos Friends 2" is the second phase of the animation "Friends of Kemono", which became popular as a social phenomenon with the theme of "Welcome to Japa Purpark" between January-March 2017. The theme song "Get on! Beat by Japia" was decided by the song production and sound production of Ogishi Masayoshi. In 2017, you'll be welcome to the & # 39; Japa & # 39; The gold label of the label will be rebuilt even in this work.

Mr. Masayoshi Oishi, nicknamed Mas Oi Shiono-ni ay, one of the fans of lam Kemono Friends ishi, commented on this statement as follows.

◆ ◆ ◆

■ Oyosho Shiba no y O (Oishi Masayoshi)

TV anime "Kemono Friends" After the song "Welcome to Japa", I will be responsible for the theme song of "Kemono Friends 2"!
I think it was finished in a very melodic Dream song like a new invitation from the Japa replay! The record was still good, my friends were good! Please wait for this!

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(C) Fun friend project 2A

"Beast Friends 2"

TV TOKYO: 7 January 2019 Monday (Monday) Monday midnight 2: 5 start of the broadcast
Ol January 7 will be a special start date for publication
TV Osaka: Broadcast decision
TV Aichi: decision to broadcast

AT – X: Tuesday, January 8, 2019 (Tue) Tuesday every Tuesday 9: 0 – Start feed
Repeat post:
Thursday, 10 January 2019 from 1: 0 every Thursday hour ~
Every Sunday morning from 13 January 2019 5: 0 – / night 10:
The first mention of the broadcast will be the rated special number.

Broadcast The above time may vary.

Opening theme "Ride! Japal beat"
Songwriter · Arrangement / Editing: Masayoshi Oishi
Song: Animal Cross Biscuit x PPP

Music production: Victor Entertainment

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