Thursday , September 16 2021

“GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“, a beginner’s guide video released introducing the new character “Gold Lewis-Dickinson”‘s combat style and tactics

Arc System Works today (July 23, 2021), a fighting game「SUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-」(PC / PS5/PS4) DLC additional characters“Golden Lewis Dickinson”Introducing the combat style and basic tacticsBeginner’s guide videoReleased.

Goldluis-Dickinson is an active-duty United States Secretary of Defense. The video introduces the features of Diskinson fighting with the gun’s coffin, the special move that can be activated, and the basic fighting method.

As previously announced, Diskinson will be available for Season Pass 1 holders on July 27 and available on July 30.

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The first additional character

Arc System Works fighting game “CLAIMED GEAR -STRIVE-」(PC / PS5 / PS4 / AC), new character“Golden Lewis Dickinson”IntroduceParticipation trailerReleased today (July 21, 2021).

[2021/07/21 13:39]

The “Beginner’s Guide” video has been released, introducing the combat style and basic tactics of the participating character “Gold Lewis-Dickinson”!

Arc System Works Co., Ltd. released a new entry character “Gold” for its 2.5D fighting game “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-” available on PlayStationR4, PlayStationR5 and Steam on Friday, July 23. He released a video “Beginner’s Guide” promoting “Lewis-Dickinson”‘s combat style.

■ “Gold Lewis-Dickinson” beginner’s guide released!
In this video, we’ll explain the character’s combat style, special moves, and basic tactics in an easy-to-understand way for first-time players of the “Gold Lewis-Dickinson” game.

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“Golden Lewis-Dickinson” Beginner’s Guide

■ “Golden Lewis-Dickinson” character information
“Gold Lewis-Dickinson” is a new character to join “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“‘s first DLC character. “GGST Season Pass 1” holders can play after the scheduled maintenance from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on July 27 (Tuesday), and individual sales will be delivered around 10:00 AM on July 30 (Friday). I will begin.

The undisputed dumb power-charge Minister of Defense
Gold Lewis-Dickinson
name Golden Lewis-Dickinson (Biography: Masafumi Kimura) Image collection #004 clip art /
height 214cm
weight 257kg
blood group Plug
Birthday October 9
Place of birth United States of America
hobby call UMA
important things Miles Davis record, cherry pie
things i hate People who believe in ghosts and UFOs
The first active-duty officer and defense minister in history.

Judgment and command, based on abundant practical experience, gained tremendous confidence in the environment, and its individual combat strength is said to be comparable to the combined strength of the White House’s guards.

It is no exaggeration to say that the security and authority of the United States is supported by its strength, which is the pillar of the nation.

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