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"Fallout 76" is a future roadmap based on feedback from B & # 39; B. E.T. A. | Nico Nico news


Large View larger images Fall Future road map based on feedback from "Fallout 76" B. E. A.

Bethesda Game StudiosI was grateful for the participation in min Fallout 76 ett. B.T.A. Based on Reddit and feedback received, items / announcements were made before and after the release.

ultraBroad correspondence
After release, corresponds to the 21: 9 aspect ratio. Stash capacity is greater than when it is released
I know that there are many sources of complaints and plans to increase capacity in the future.

PC versionIn the near future, we plan to install push-to-talk voice chat in the near future. By default, I want you to imagine the real world and the living world for the FOV slider.

animationThe FOV slider is not supported even for past jobs to break the crop and crop the screen. It is possible to zoom out from the 3rd person viewpoint in the current PC version. 1 Change of opinion of the person is not planned. Misuse of various errors
Many reports were received and planned for future updates. Social menu issues like inviting friends, team building
We are already trying to respond and will respond as soon as possible when problems occur. Please let us know if you find a problem.
No matter how much you eat, whatever happens you're sick of the problem of noisy gunshot, noisy
Accidentally emerging firearm sounds and noise issues will be answered with an update close to release.

onlineThe special "Fallout 76" is scheduled to be released for PS4 / Xbox One / PC on November 15, 2018. A See other images 76 The future road map is yol Fallout 76】 B.E.T.A.

Publish a future road map based on feedback from "Fallout 76" B & # 39; B. E.T.A.

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