Friday , July 30 2021

Deadline to accept lottery for PS5 in the used book market is April 4th today 23:00! – Watch GAME

The used book market is accepting lottery for PlayStation 5 until 23:00 today on April 4.

The PS5 main unit, which is planned to be sold from April to early May in order to avoid confusion and trouble in the stores in the used book market, will adopt the lottery sales format. You can participate in the draw from the application form prepared on the web and only the winners will be delivered the products in the store.

As a set, PS5 and PS5 digital versions of regular models are available. To apply, you will need the Thai Two Point Card or the Thai Two Point App “Furuichi” membership number. Also, an ID card is required for authentication when purchasing from the store. Winning announcements may be delayed as they will vary from April to early May, depending on arrival status.

□ Lottery acceptance page for used book market

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