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Daniel Ricciardo advises F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda to ‘go astray'[F1-Gate .com]

Daniel Ricciardo to F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda

Growing up in Red Bull F1, Daniel Ricciardo advised AlphaTauri Honda F1’s Yuki Tsunoda.

Yuki Tsunoda came to F1 this season with high expectations after a brilliant and fast-paced young career. However, the 21-year-old Tsunoda took time to adjust to the new environment, and while she saw her potential for a moment, the mistakes and events were even more noticeable.

As a result, Red Bull seniors moved Yuki Tsunoda to Italy, where AlphaTauri Honda F1 is located. That’s why, under the supervision of team representative Franz Tost, Kakuda runs rigorous programs like twice-daily engineer meetings and training.

Danilkar Ricardo, who has also experienced Red Bull’s driver program, gave advice to young driver Yuki Tsunoda.

“It’s part of your discipline that stands out. I think it’s easiest to stay on track,” said Daniel Ricciardo.

“I’m sure it can be a distraction when you leave the house. I don’t know whether to distract or seduce, but you have freedom.”

“Especially when you’re young, you always fantasize, ‘I want to be away from home and be able to do what I want to do,’ but these are obviously bad distractions.”

“If you don’t get off track, you will enjoy more freedom in the future and the rewards will be worth it and even greater. It will be rewarded.”

“So I think it’s all about staying on track, staying disciplined and avoiding distractions.”

“I might invite you to a stall one day,” Daniel Ricciardo jokingly said, “Hey, you have to come to this party.”

“But you have enough time”

Daniel Ricciardo made his F1 debut on HRT as a Red Bull driver at the 2010 F1 British Grand Prix. He moved to Toro Rosso the next season and was promoted to Red Bull Racing in 2014. In his F1 career, he has participated in 198 races with five teams and won seven wins.

Having experienced 10 races since his F1 debut, Yuki Tsunoda achieved the best result in 7th place at the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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