Thursday , March 4 2021

Australian Open Naomi Osaka defeated Serena Williams in final – NHK NEWS WEB

  1. Australian Open Naomi Osaka qualifies for final after beating Serena WilliamsNHK NEWS WEB
  2. Naomi Osaka “I did my best because I didn’t want to play a scary match” I won the yearning S. Williams and made it to the Australian Open final for the first time in two years (Sports Hochi)Yahoo News
  3. The actual Australian Open finale … Naomi Osaka vs Serena Three years ago, “Big Momme National” is already over “Are the Queen’s words really true? (Naomi Yamaguchi)Number Web Number
  4. [Avustralya Açık]Naomi Osaka defeated “Fate” Serena completely Over 190 km Ace exploded, first V control in 2 years and 20 consecutive
  5. Serena cried at the press conference “It’s over” and she’s halfwayNikkan Sports
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