Thursday , September 29 2022

"A Story of Stars, A Time Version" will be released soon on Steam – PANORA


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Bike basis 8, VR dedicated communication mysterious adventure "The story of a star, a piece version"The PC version released on Steam was released. The delivery date is soon (after November 22), the price is 2800 yen.

A port version of the same title developed by Forge Vision and released on January 26 for PlayStation VR, which can switch between audio and subtitle in Japanese / English. The following headings may be obtained as content downloaded for a limited period of 3 weeks (planned) from the beginning of the distribution.

· "Star parts story, one-piece version" wallpaper
· "A Star Particle Story, One Version" Soundtrack
· "Star fragments story, one-piece version" Audio playable script data
Up to the story, the story of star fragments

● Story
A girl is left behind in a star. You cannot escape or recognize others who have fled and lost their power. However, there was a single point from another world that could yan interfere inin with the point where the earth's coordinate axes overlap. A player standing at the singular point can enter a parallel world if "a world-capable device (VR system)" wins and recognizes a girl with each other. It was. The two will work together to solve the mystery and restore the star to re-establish power and aim to escape.

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in the case
in the case
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