Wednesday , June 16 2021

When will free games for PS4 and PS5 be announced? –

Playstation plus of May 2021 and her Free games for PS4 and PS5 they must follow the historical pattern regarding the announcement on this tour, i.e. open Last Wednesday in April, so this week, to be precise Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

On that date and possibly around ore 17:30new free games planned for subscriber In May 2021, to PS Plus, an event that the entire PlayStation community has always been especially waiting for, taking into account the very high average value offered by Sony during this period.

PlayStation Plus: There is always great anticipation in announcing new free games

PlayStation Plus: There is always great anticipation in announcing new free games

According to the schedule set always, new free games for PS4 and PS5 in May 2021 should be returned later. available From Tuesday May 4, 2021The free games of PS Plus, which are currently ongoing, will be available on the day that will end in April 2021.

We have no information about which titles It may roll out on PS Plus in May 2021, but expectations are pretty high after seeing what’s suggested in recent months, with the presence of major-caliber games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake in March and Gone Gone in April. Full debuts of Oddworld Soulstorm this month and Destruction AllStars in February.

Recently, Sony successTherefore, we can expect other news on this front, but the usual ones are likely to exist. triple A It is a large-caliber that has recently won Horizon Zero Dawn, with the addition of the Play at Home initiative.

The PlayStation Plus Video Pass idea is a additional benefit For PS Plus subscribers who need to allow free access to a variety of video content but are currently being worked on.

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