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WEATHER OF Italy. When the snow weekend comes, here are the fields

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After prolonged domination, the anticyclone left the Mediterranean, where the center of gravity was transported to northern Europe, where the expected cold flow to the east was maintained. The change will trigger the first taste of the winter weather.

There will also be some snowfall that will become more unstable due to the expected drop in temperature and weather conditions. The contrast of the cold and the lighter will support the formation of a depressive vortex with bad weather in the south.

Cold weather will invest more in the center of the Adriatic slopes and the North, where some snowfall can be seen in the final stage of this week. The areas where these local snowfall will take place will be the Adriatic mountain slopes between Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo, in addition to the Alpine sectors.

On Friday, the snow will fall to 1000/1400 meters above the mountains with snow falling from the night. On Saturday, snow will fall on the slopes of Apennine and will be reduced to about 800 meters between Romagna and Abruzzo. For Stau effect, stamps at 800 meters are developing in Western Piedmont.

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In other places, high peaks, especially on the southern slopes, only snow peaks. Usually there will be a slight snowfall, so we only see significant deposits in large mountainous areas. Especially in Northern Italy, a more promising snow phase is expected in the beginning of the week.

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