Saturday , May 21 2022

Walking like crayfish helps to improve your memory


Walking backwards like shrimp, it helps to haf go back geliştirmek over time and proves to be an excellent exercise to improve memory. This is suggested by an English study by Aleksandar Aksentievich, published in the journal "Cognitive" and published by Roehampton University.
Based on the idea of ​​the relationship between movement in space and movement over time, scientists joined 114 volunteers in a series of experiments. First, participants watched a video that included a crime scene or a word list or a series of pictures. Then the volunteers should walk forward or backward or simply move, or move forward and backward, and immediately after these movements, the researchers asked them to remember the details of the crime, repeat the words in the list or subject. Photos

Well, it turned out that shrimps walked just before entering memory tests, which was associated with higher memory performance. The backward move is like a journey in the past in mind. I As a result – write the authors – for the first time, we clearly report the memory in the journey of time with the mindset that is mobilized by the physical movement. is a component of a system that combines memory, perceptions, thoughts, and actions, so memory depends on the current experience, dynamically and internally » © RESERVATION

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