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University 4, Claudia Dorelfi, fired by students' decision

Exciting moments in chapter five University 4. The students went on a school trip in Val Brembana, an exciting chapter. Claudia Dorelfi was fired but what happens is that they are the men who decide to be sent. Claudia already took the risk of being fired, but was forgiven during the fourth part of Il collegio (unlike Alex Djorjevic and Andrea Bellantoni, they fought a close fight).

Because Claudia was deported

Claudia and Vincenzo Crispino had to leave the trip and go back to the College after they had cut off the sound of animals and had a lesson in preparing cheese. On the return of the entire class, the principal didn't punish Vincenzo any more, but he decided not to offer Claudia another chance to finish six more times: "For me, Signorina Dorelfi is at the end of the line, but you decide whether or not to fire her. If he stays, you'il be paying for his lack.". In tears, he wanted to go out not to include the others, and the class decided to vote, even though it struggled very hard. Eventually, most men decided to fire him for the sake of the group. he was surprised: "Only those who vote to stay go to greet him in the courtyard, others dare to stay.The incident created a rift in the group, divided by those who believe they have made the right choice by sending Via Claudia and are ready to keep the results at the College.

Who is Claudia Dorelfi?

Claudia Dorelfi is 14 years old and comes from Rome. Since the first part, it stood out because of its angular and impatient nature. The little boyfriend of the school proved some shortcomings in general culture, such that he replaced the Florentine river with a washing machine in the well-known "local" rinse of laundry in Arno. dream of the future "be impressive and then enter the world of fashion and entertainment"He also said he had a hundred percent in front of the cameras:"My behavior there was the same as outside the school, so the cameras were a detail that didn't affect me. I did and I said everything I wanted.".

What happened in the fifth chapter of Il Collegio 4?

Tuesday, November 19, the fifth and second round from the end of the fourth season on 26th. 26. a separate education for men. The children learned what was accepted as an object of modernism, such as a walkman, and were made into a classic by Lucio Dalla as "Next Year". Martina Brondin and Mario Tricca were the heroes of a great war: they did not go on a trip as punishment and had to live together for two days in the building. Collegio 4 is produced by Magnolia-Banijay and is located in the Collegio Convitto of Celana di Caprino Bergamasco.

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