Monday , November 30 2020

Unicredit, Mustier's "Plan B": divided between foreign and Italian activities

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Italy is divided between Italian and foreign assets for risk? Over the course of a few weeks, a plan has been circulated from an investment bank, according to sources Il Sole 24 Ore It was reviewed by UniCredit's senior management. Hypothesis is indeed a split: on one side the Italian activities, on the other, Germany (Germany, Austria, Central Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia), the creation of a center based in Germany. The Institute replied that the horizon of the 2019 plan was under the & One Bank One flag, and in the third quarter, each group company had to self-finance, responding with esi no-comment et (grup One Unicredit, One Bank altında) ra Unicredit & # 39; the three-year transformation plan launched by the 2019 plan. "For now, the hypothesis will be a plan B, which Unicredit sees in the interest of shareholders for the institutional investor (mostly foreign) over 80%. The starting point is Italy. to observe how much risk the group gives to the evaluation of the group.

Again by what he wrote Il Sole 24 Ore The corporate and investment banking (CIB) division will be divided into foreign Unicredit, which will most likely be found in Germany. Serious uncertainty analysts would be interested in attributing the quotas to equity and debts, but official sources said the issue does not comment on the headquarters of the bank.

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