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Tufello November 8, 2018: 22 arrests for arrest arrest


An armed criminal organization. A brave union working in many mass housing. They're "The Untouchables" Tufello and theirsystemTwenty-one arrests were arrested. In the first light on Thursday, November 8, in the crowded and popular area of ​​the 3rd Montesacro City Hall. He was the head of two Roman criminal organizations. Christian Spring and Fabio Guida.

The police of the Roman Fleet and the "Fidene – Serpentara" Police Station, coordinated by the Regional Directorate of Struggle for Palestine in Rome, carried out 20 restrictive measures and the same number of searches, leading to the dismissal of an important Roman crime organization dedicated to traffic and distribution. Cocaine, marijuana, and marijuana drugs have not hesitated to take advantage of the cooperation of an attorney of the Roman Forum to communicate the communication between the prisoners and the heads of the organization, in particular they refer to the places where the narcotics were detained.

A real complicity, aimed at drug trafficking and the illegal detention of firearms, in order to obtain large amounts of drugs to deal with the aggravating conditions of being an armed criminal organization.

The organization was active in the Tufello region. The organizers and the organizers ran a sales square that illegally occupied all the public spaces in the neighborhood, opting for the courtyards of the buildings and the condominium areas for drug trafficking, taking them hostage to the firefighters and drug buyers. amazing.

Sales squares traded between blocks From Tonale, From Monte Petrella, From Monte Crocco and From Monte Epomeo. Use of "surveillance stationKat They helped the police to see the sudden arrival of the police in the nerve centers, and then warned the officer to get rid of the drugs and let them escape in the condominium courtyards.

Untouchables Tufello Shop map-2

The group also drove a real dynamic patrol by detecting the preventive identity of police forces on the streets surrounding the shopping center, and by maintaining night shifts, ensuring the continuity of drug marketing throughout the day. until the early morning hours.

The described challenge yielded an economic gain of 4,000 euros per day.

Top of the organization Christian Spring (1993 class), Fabio Guida (class 1984) e Andrea GiulianEvery stage of the crime activity, which executes between the "members" for the sale of different types of drugs following the discovery of different types of drugs (class 1994), continuously guarantees the functionality of the entire organization.

Christian Primavera, young son Guerino and his brother Daniele and Fabrizio Primavera, all members of the homosexual family subterranean world San Basilio (link to Spring Operation). After being briefly inactive, this mobile team arrested him in 2015 and detained in connection with drug and drug use in the execution of an arrest warrant in prison.

There is also a Attorney at the Court of RomeUnder Article 73 of the Decree No. 309/90 (drug law), he was subjected to house arrest, which was responsible for the competition. At the explicit request of the "chief" Christian Primavera, he gave indications that the drug, which was contrary to the guilty and deontological rules, was not in place by the judicial police on the plaintiff's arrest of Stefano Antonini.

Names of arrested people: video images

Long and complex investigative work (censorship activities, monitoring and control services, arrests, searches and seizures) provided the possibility to distinguish between the various roles assigned and executed by the suspects within the criminal group. The sources of evidence gathered by telephone and environmental interventions were highly supported by a large number of drugs and weapons seizures.

During the investigations, several drug dealers were arrested, and administrative infringements were reported to the property owners at the same time as the driver's license was withdrawn; 15 pounds of drugs (especially cocaine), 5 pistols, 1 shotgun and many ammunition were seized in various operations.

The social danger and criminal depth of the suspects in question did not seem to be alarming from the beginning against the contempt of the law and the punitive consequences associated with their conduct. Roberto Gonini, Emiliano Vitanostra. and Riccardo Guidaat the end, they attacked the same ones against the workers who provoked the following sentences:This payment (…) from Al Tufello today can only be entered by tanks (…) You are all infamous guards".

Even during the investigations, the brutality faced by the police forces revealed their view of being untouchable: the name of the police operation emerged. All recipients of restrictive measures have been subject to personal and home searches.

A total of more than 100 State Police officers have been employed, assisted by the dog units and staff of the Flying Department.

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