Sunday , January 17 2021

"Trust Mancini, there's nothing against Juventus, Higuain, let's not convict him."

Arrigo Sacchi, 72. Anse

Arrigo Sacchi, 72. Anse

There is no condemnation for Higuain, despite Juventus's clear superiority, a certificate of confidence and praise for Napoli, and coach Mancini. In the margins of the opening ceremony of the "Sports Films and Tv" Festival, Arrigo Sacchi, who explained the current issues of the Serie A championship, said "Higuain?" Errare humanum est"Commented Sacchi." The actors are men and they all have feelings and reactions. We shouldn't condemn what happened Sunday evening.

Anti juve? not available
Then Sacchi answered the question of what our championship was against the famous Juventus. Milan's former coach and national team have no doubts: "I think Juventus is not a real antagonist: I'm a great club with players and a coach." Of course, Naples is playing well, knowing how to take the field and having the ability to take risks, but with the count of history and its specific gravity, and the habit of winning is falling in favor of the Scales Bianconeri ".

We have not missed a thought about the future of Italy, it is not just football: dün I agree with Ancelotti, when Italy said that the matches should be suspended in case of insults, but Italy enlightened the world until the Renaissance, but now we end up as the number of students enrolled in the University. previous place. The desire to win took all the values ​​and forced us to approach the most controversial eaves of the city. Mancini deserves his confidence: pessimism does not lead to anything, although not pessimism. We must be optimistic, invest in many young people.


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