Tuesday , May 17 2022

Tonali, Juventus lowers two jokers


TURIN – Juventus There are at least two wild cards to burn the competition to Sandro Tonali. . A super offer will not be enough, but we must also show love for the boy and me «. Massimo Cellino he is a talented trader, but he is always fond of his jewels and is the latest in the Tonali series. Massimiliano Allegri, The president of Brescia, Cagliari, was both a player and a coach, he knows perfectly. Count Max, with the same entry of Cellino, is the son of a kind footballer of the Lombards. Long-standing friendship, love, but above all. Cellino became the first player to launch Allegri on a bench in the Serie. Sassuolo A new promotion from B to # 39; A real intuition, determined mainly by two certainties, rather than a betting: intelligence Allegri and the love of Livorno for talent.

IMPORTANT NUMBERS – Allegri in Milan and other JuventusIt has always glorified the highest quality players. Tonali The new Pirlo will not be, but at the age of 18 it is a midfielder with significant numbers. Money will be as basic as always, but CellinoFaced with similar offers, Tonali will try to entrust his talents to the hands of a ram who exalts his talents without keeping them out of tactics.

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