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Thirty, my husband waived the house – Politics

Kocam My husband, who owns accommodation, demands a waiver for housing, even though everything is tidy and there is nothing to embarrass us, "I hope this act of love will silence the nonsense of my media. Eski Former Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta said in an interview with Rady 24.

"We will leave in the time we will spend to move our apartment and put my life back in another place," Trenta told Radio24, who wanted to "respect" him. “I am a state woman and I have made ethics the foundation of my life,” she said.

Im I haven't been treated well, but I believe in the values ​​of the M5S, I have no intention of abandoning the Movement. I'm sorry to bother you before you talk and nobody decides to ask me what happened. My face is clean, not I will stop politics and be part of the Movement. But maybe I'll make a pause for reflection, I haven't decided anything. ”It was told by former Defense Minister about the criticisms directed against him by Luigi Di Maio and other M5S bases of the house. "I believe Di Maio I speak to understand my reasons – among other things – I am a military man and I know that a commander defends his own men before we talk to each other before commanding people."