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These 10 simple methods may be enough to quickly pass the hiccups

Eating or drinking fast, swallowing too much air, having one of the most common and bothersome ailments like hiccups happen to everyone and from the first days of life. This is because the diaphragm contracts involuntarily from eating too quickly and inevitably swallowing too much air.

But don’t worry, just one of these 10 methods can be enough to get rid of annoying hiccups quickly.


What can cause this frequent discomfort?

As mentioned above, hiccups occur when you eat too fast. It can take a few seconds or even longer, in which case it’s good to understand why.

Besides swallowing food or liquids too quickly, another major cause is improper chewing. Therefore, it will be important to re-educate ourselves not by giving fast meals, but by swallowing calmly without haste and, above all, by chewing thoroughly in every bite.

Remember that proper chewing facilitates and accelerates digestion, and since it is mostly swallowed and not chewed, the risk of indigestible food is eliminated. Also, consuming meals on time not only aids weight loss, but also helps to enjoy a moment of relaxation and rediscovery of flavors while enjoying food with all the senses.

These 10 simple methods may be enough to quickly pass the hiccups

Once you understand the main causes of hiccups, you need to try to overcome it, excluding serious health problems. There are many remedies that have been adopted over the years, and some will undoubtedly be effective immediately, while others will require more effort.

One of the best known remedies, hold your breath for a few seconds. To do this we will need to breathe deeply and hold the air for a few seconds and during this time we will be able to relax the diaphragm.

In addition, you can hold your breath and swallow saliva at the exact moment you feel the hiccuping sensation.

You can try swallowing it with a glass of water. small sips fast. One of Grandma’s well-known remedies is to chew and swallow. breadcrumbs or a lemon slice.

also to encourage sneezing It can stop hiccups immediately. I’ve never tried scare Who has hiccups? It will pass in the blink of an eye. if we do the same tickle and the person with the hiccups will have to try very hard not to laugh.

Anyone without diabetes can try to swallow one quickly. sugar spoon. Other than that you can try vinegar spoon or lemon juice.


A healthy do-it-yourself habit with many positive aspects for our health.

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