Tuesday , May 17 2022

The world is breaking on the bus. Finally, the package crashes the drive


MESTRE – Herd, alcohol, a few words too much, and in the bus he cuts the world apart: Once again, having the worst, the driver who ends up in a hospital with a passenger. Another fight in an ACTV environment with scenes where some witnesses are not afraid to compare with some form of urban guerrilla warfare. Still on Saturday evening, still in the Mestre-Venice section, one of the days and one of the most endangered.

Navigate the Roman-Lido subway in Rome, beating, insulting and a woman in the hospital

When the 4L is 21.15, the climate starts to overheat due to the presence of a group of three young people who are overstated by the un spritz clock em or who do not know how to spend the night begging and boasting. just to spend time between a selfie and the other one. As far as we can reconstruct it, when the "gang" targets some girls and pulls them heavily, everything falls.

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