Saturday , May 21 2022

The retiree raped the beach by a refugee in Ortona. The man had just received a new protection.


Aggredita was forced to face violence at the age of 68 at the beach and by a young Somali in Italy, with a conservation permit. The victim is Ortona's pension, which is called by some local traders and managed to escape from the immigrants as they sailed to the sea.

Violence took place on the coast of Cintoni di Ripari, where the woman went to sunbathe by taking advantage of the beautiful days. Somebud, twenty-year-old and homeless Somebu Nuur Shaieb, naked for the first time and began to masturbate on the street where 112 people were looking for. Then he left for the railroad and went down to the beach where he was surprised. She got so hard, she bumped her head against the pebbles of the beach and forced her to face violence. When the gendarmes stopped Somalia, she managed to escape her wrath. She was immediately transferred to the emergency room at Lanciano, where she had suffered lethal and head injuries.

The immigrant was in Italy a year after his landing in Sicily, but last month he had acquired the subsidiary protection. Giuseppe Falasca ordered him to be taken to Chieti's prison.

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Mario Calabresi
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