Thursday , March 4 2021

The January 7 e-mail from the ISP alerting Lombardy: “I remember the problem with your data”. The request for a correction of RT came on the 22nd.

First warning from the Higher Institute of Health Lombardy about error Transfer of data on Covid cases is at least January 7i.e. one week before the (accidental) end of the Zone red Zone. Confirms an email sent to Pirellone by an ISS technician that day and Tg1. I remind you that problem with your data We should work to “reads,” with the symptom onset date and never with a clinical condition that confirms it. to solve Lombardy and other regions A few words refuting the reconstructions the governor has presented so far. Attilio Fontanayour technicians will notice errors that cause overcomputing Rt index To trigger the heaviest restrictions on the zone (at 1.4 instead of 0.88).

Just pay attention to the dates: January 7 Rome warns Milan about: symptomatic cases (Calculation of RT and hence color In each Region) the onset of the disease is indicated, but there is no further information about the patients’ “clinical condition” or subsequent recovery. 21 days onset of symptoms. This way the sum of the symptoms is higher than the real thing. But obviously nothing moves. On January 15 Control room then based on these numbers and calculate RT at 1.4, approve Lombardy entry into the red zone, then formalized by the Minister of Health Regulations Roberto speranza Nobody officially objected to the technicians or the ministry of the Higher Health Institute in those days from the 17th century. But later, as the head of the ISS recalled Silvio brusaferroZone one correction request to the transferability index.

January 19Fontana, red zone and Appeal to Lazio TARLombardy social welfare department manager, Marco Trivelliwrote an e-mail to Brusaferro in his own hand and ” calculation Rt index symptoms accept changes defined at the technical level regarding the number of patients who recovered and died. ” New data, as evidenced by another email published by DoneTransmitted to ISS “20 Wednesday“. Therefore, we come to January 22, when Trivelli himself formally requested a reassessment of the Rt symptom index”. Week 35 nowTranslated: Review of the transmission rate of the virus during the week, the cost of the total lockout on Lombardy.

So it happens. The next day, RT is reduced to 0.88 and the Zone is again Orange. But while the control room is still in process, President Fontana returns to the attack: ” right information. They have to stop in rome slander Lombardy will fill his shortcomings. ”On the weekend, voices are raised even more with his assistant. Letizia morattiRefusing RT’s request for correction: ” deepening aboutalgorithm ISS competition several data “Pirellone is therefore everything alleged.”algorithm failure“Assuming that the entire system on which Italy-wide restrictions are based is ‘tampered with’. In fact, according to the January 7 email leaked today, Lombardy had already been widely warned that there was a problem with its data. In addition to the symptomatic problem, “ comorbid“(Diseases from Covid that can worsen the clinical picture):” What should we do for get better? In the document, we do not publish the data, but we are experiencing enormous pressure from “press, politics, so-called experts”. However, the keyword remains first: “I remember you Your data’s problem ”writes to ISS technician Pirellone, and it apparently alludes to a longer-standing problem.

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