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Teens are back in Hogwarts with Dumbledore and white-eyed albino.


PARIS – Fantastic animals coming home: The crimes of Grindelwald, second part of pentalogy Fantastic Animals imagination for cinema JK Rowlinglinks to the past Harry Potter. From the beating of the epic: Hogwarts. By reviewing the skyline of the building, the classes, the large central hall certainly beat the hearts of several generations of fans. A crowd of new or re-emerging characters from the past, each with its own dilemma, clash, secret, secret link. With a choice of areas to do in front of all new / old arcade ascension: it met Grindelwald Death GiftsHe owns the Elder staff. A villain, white-eyed albino, designed by Johnny Depp, convincing, story-telling, charismatic.

reproduction …

Paris, Paris

Movie directed by David Yates (Scheduled to go out in the hall on November 15th), driving a night on stormy skies (defining it as ğin an emotional thriller alı) and taking 132 minutes to advance quickly on the back of skeleton horses, the potteriana memory of Thestal. New York: Depp / Grindelwald's brave escape was captured after locking up at the end of the previous film (Depp took over from alter ego Colin Farrell) and in the basement of the US sorcerers' central Macusa. The European prison is freeing itself. From there you fly to London. Newt Scamander (The Italian version of the books was Scamandro, always commented by Oscar Eddie Redmayneis restricted to travel ban. Even if he had the job, he stumbled: in the basement of his old home, there is the center where he protects his monsters. If he is summoned by magical peaks, if his brother, a former war hero, and now joins the Credence prey, head of the English Aurors, Obscurus, who is repelled in the first film, can only revoke the travel permit if he joins supravissuto. Young man played by talented Ezra Miller hunting for origins. He works in the circus of animals and beings led by a charlatan, and he connects with a magnificent woman trapped in a terrible and famous future: to become Nagini, Woldemort is a darling.

Teens are back in Hogwarts with Dumbledore and white-eyed albino.

Return of Magizoolog

says Eddie RedmayneAs a coach, a doctor of fantastic animals, more comfortable and more comfortable. "A gift: the actors usually prefer to work in the theater, because if one goes wrong in the evening, they can compensate and improve it from time to time, but this time we have been able to treasure the maturation of the characters in us in the last two years and repeat it in a better version. Jude Law Led He wanted to investigate the mysterious past that might be perceived in Harry Potter's books about Dumbledore's character. It wasn't easy to show a character we know, so in the last years of life it was easy but very complicated and full of regrets, torments and complexity. in this story period.

& # 39; Fantastic Animals & # 39; The premiere of Paris. JK Rowling and Jude Law to Zoe Kravitz all the star cast

Intrecci and couples

And Scamander, Tina Goldstein sent by Colonel Dumbledore in Paris Katherine Waterstone Wanting to keep his promise to protect the identity of his sister, Queenie (Alison SudolBeautiful and beautiful, good and beautiful), short, human, Jacob Kowalski, followed by dear Muggle-No Mag Dan Fogler. And then again Grindelwald and his followers want to use the power of Cennence, the brother of Newt.Callum Turner) and fiance Leta Letrange (comrade of the former Hogwarts and the sorcerer's first) Zoe Kravitz). On the last night of the French capital there was the world premiere of all heroes (except Depp) and a special map of Paris with fantastic locations on this occasion. (The tour is insured). The inventors of the Philosopher Stone came to history. In this second episode there are many couples, Newt and Leta, Queenie and Jacob, Newt and Tina, Credence and brother of William of Nagiri. But we also recommend that you have an annoying and irreparable love between two very young magicians who have become Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Not all Rowling ever concealed his favorite character's sexual orientation. Paris & # 39; t Jude LawWhen asked about the matter, alar It was important to me how her relationship with Grindelwald influenced her: not sexual orientation, but her feelings for others and others. When it is forty and strong it means that it is basic and painful for him.

reproduction …

An appeal to bring fantastic animals to Italy

We have a few striking, unexplained, few stories and circled the story of the faces and faces we know. Rowling confronts and links to recurring themes (the search for identity, the marginalization of difference), we enter a tragic chapter in human history in 1927: the rise of nationalisms and regimes that will result in war. In front of the fantastic animals Asticello, Newt's reticulata in his pocket, Snaso rubagioielli, who has reproduced abundantly the real dachshund group, but also some innovations such as the Chinese Zouwu, inspired by mythological beast. A cat with a mane and multicolored tail freaked out for a rattle, Scottish Kelpie, seaweed, Augurey, a sea dragon that seems to have made a huge sad owl with a colorful tail. And the winged thestal, forked hooves and pointed tail. Those who want to know the epic names for fun to pronounce Albus Dumbledore, Babbano, and Scamander, and who have been translated into Italian, Redmyane and Law enjoyed the hypothesis of the next chapter in Italy: ano I think this is where ? Or The law says. Waterstone is already dreaming of the main scene in the "Colosseum," Redmayne said, "It would be nice to imagine alternatives to the magical places in Italian art cities and I appeal: please, Mrs. Rowling, we're going to Italy for the next film."

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