Friday , April 16 2021

Talking about feeling equal in Elodie and Sanremo. (M) elodie | Gramellini’s Coffee

The best part of the Sanremo Festival was broadcast at half past one in the morning, who knows why? In fact, it was the night that the statue came to the center of the scene to condense the story of Elodie’s life as a Roman borgatara with confidence masking her suffering in four minutes. Elodie is worse than disappointed, angry, and forgotten people: he gave an idea of ​​a removed person. However, instead of turning his attention to the responsibilities of others who existed, he turned to the individual ones. He explained that growing up crooked in a crooked place causes you to have prejudices about everything, including yourself, and leads you to escape from all sorts of tests – final exams and driver’s license exams – until you get back to emotional self-censorship: My dream was to sing, but to do it even in the shower I was ashamed.

In Elodie’s case, the turning point came, turning the tragedy into an epic and the victim into heroine. What made him believe he’s been running like a mantra on social media since yesterday was meeting with a jazz pianist: The important thing is not always to feel things, but to do them. Keeping up with it now is no longer my problem, it’s just a point of view. Chapeau, not all disadvantaged people can save themselves. That’s why our fathers invented the public school.

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