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Street murder Campi Bisenzio, confession. “He was already on the ground when I hit him”


Campi Bisenzio (Florence), 13 October 2021 – Ha Confessed 31 year old woman agliana (to the piston) suspected of being responsible for the deadly investment from Massimiliano Benigno, 47 years old Campi Bisenzio He was found dead on the via Chiella asphalt the night between Sunday and Monday.

The gendarmes of the operational and mobile radio unit of Compagnia di Signa had returned to the vehicle after examining the footage of the cameras in the area. It was determined that the car was compatible with the finds found at the scene of the tragedy. The owner of the vehicle was brought before the deputy prosecutor Beatrice Giunti, was questioned for a long time and appeared before the magistrate Confessed.

The woman also said that she was a victim. he would already be on the ground before the car he was driving was hit. From what was learned, the hypothesis of this reconstruction would be confirmed not only by the suspect’s story, but also by the initial results of forensic examinations of Benigno’s body. The discovery of the man’s body, already on the ground in the middle of the night, becomes a key consideration in the charges against the 31-year-old Pistoia, as the woman driving may also not have noticed due to the darkness, just in time to avoid the presence of passers-by.

“I didn’t see it, then panic”

The woman argued before the magistrate that she did not notice Benigno’s presence on the street. After the fatal crash, he fled in a panic without telling anyone. Hence the road murder and rescue failure complaints (fugitive).

Investment place (Photocronache Germogli).  victim in the box

Just yesterday, searches had multiplied to find the person responsible for the deadly investment. “I’m a attractive To anyone and everyone, I do this knowing in my heart that I have many things in my hands. Campi Bisenzio They want justice for Massi, for our Benigno,” he wrote. Councilor for Campi’s safety, Riccardo Nucciotti On Facebook. “To the coach builders, all of you, think hard when they bring you that car. stained with blood Think carefully before you fix it,” says di Massi, concluding, “Unfortunately, accidents can happen, but nobody stays on the road.”


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