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six year boy hitting


Shot by a six year old boy acute loose myelitisa pathology created by the neurological system rare but whose symptoms are similar to their relatives poliomyelitis. Policlinico San Matteo di was found. PaviaFausto Baldanti led by a team of virologists represented by Sandro Binda and Elena Pariani in collaboration with the University of Milan.

The disease is considered to depend on a particular virus type – enterovirus D68 – in most cases sneezes a little and causes some cold normal flu [VIDEO]However, approximately 1 percent of cases may cause acute pendulous paralysis instead.

The child was hospitalized from the Pavia facility since the first days of November and its conditions constant.

Enterovirus D68 returned to talk after the summit of reported cases in the United States. In Italy – since the beginning of the year – almost asymptomatic 23 cases were recorded and only one case of acute flaccid myelitis. According to experts, the EV-D68 will spread in the autumn and summer and will have a cyclical tendency to be presented every two years.

Don't panic. Rare effects. The virus "activates" the exaggerated response.

as for enteroviruses responsible poliomyelitisD68, similar to polio, will cause flakic paralysis 1 percent Like most sad celebrity cousins ​​of cases, in this case, symptomatology is limited to joint pain, sore throat, some fever, problems affecting the respiratory system.

In addition, in an in-depth study published in Focus magazine – in approximately 400 cases of acute flakid paralysis in the United States in recent years, Enterovirus D68 has been found only in less than half of the samples analyzed on feces and nasal mucosa. However, only one case was identified in the cerebrospinal fluid. Referring to this property is more difficult why is that paralysis Or rather: some of the most intense impacts, result an excessive response to the system immuneMore than the virus itself. Enterovirus EV-D68 is thought to be a trigger, making a "trigger" in the host organism. intense reactionand then disappear quickly. It triggered neurological diseases in some subjects, it would be like a normal cold in other subjects. No vaccine has been developed at this time [VIDEO]. In the meantime, science is also investigating.

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