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Silvia still loves Fabrizio Corona, the passion between Francesco and Giulia is over


New appointment with news Big Brother VIP, Reality Show Ela Weber and Alessandro Cecchi were led by Ilary Blasi, who saw that Paone was abolished. Latest news Silvia Provvedi and Giulia Salemi. The singer of Le Donatella still falls in love Fabrizio CoronaAccording to Alfonso Signorini, he has taken giant steps with the Italian-Persian esoteric Francesco Monte. passionate kisses in the middle of the night.

News Gf Vip: Does Silvia still love Corona? Alfonso Signorini speaks

End of the relationship between Fabrizio Corona [VIDEO] and Silvia Provvedi Come back to discuss. In fact, in the last part of "Casa Signorini", Alfonso made some amazing statements about Silvia Provvedi.

In detail, the weekly "Chi" editor said Silvia still falls in love The former king of the paparazzi.

The first person to share this idea was Carmen Di Pietro, and Cecilia Capriotti said there was no more love for her, in her opinion, as she was a profoundly wounded. Guests at Casa Signorini Elia Fongaro Those who believe that Proved is still the old king of the paparazzi are the opposite of Marco Ferri, who thinks the emotions are over, and says, '& # 39; I'm proud to be still in love with Silvia.

Big Brother Vip: Passionate Kisses Between Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte

If Alfonso Signorini thinks he still loves Corona in the home of Silvia Big Brother Vip, Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi are experiencing a particularly happy moment of participation.

In detail, the couple allowed themselves to go passion Gf Vip as shown by the images described during today's day.

Giulia SalemIn fact, he said he felt requested and satisfied After the passionate kisses with Francesco Monte. Only the second confirmed he had a night of kisses. Afterwards, the couple got an iso message with the words: The response of Francis said: & # 39; We got the flight. & # 39; & # 39; It's a good moment for the couple who was accused of accusations. between Maurizio BattistaTwo lovers say Stefano Sala, a conspiracy to reach the final with Benedetta Mazza [VIDEO] and Martina Hamdy would have no doubt about the winner of this third edition: Le Donatella.

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