Sunday , November 29 2020

See Banksy 2018 in Milan

Descriptions of mice are repeated in studies Banksy. The artist uses them metaphorically, we try to think about the environment in which mice live and how they are perceived: they are hated and oppressed by everyone: af They live in corruption, af he explains. "They are hated, hunted and persecuted. They live in silence in despair. They can bring all civilization to their knees."

Details: how to visit the exhibition

And in modern metropolises, mice fill tunnels and areas of distortion, while graffiti artists move in darkness in very similar places. Here, mice become paints and brushes or vandals armed with rappers, saboteurs in his work. The exhibition of the exhibition to Mudec is not explicitly allowed, and we remember that the identity of the artist remains hidden, and the people show many of their best-known works, including images of mice that are always sharp and shiny. Banksy. Preview for readers milanotodayHere is the way the public can admire. Ini A Visual Protest, The Banksy of Arty ”collects 80 pieces of work, including 60 vinyl and music CDs and forty memories, a collection of paintings, numerous prints, then a limited number of artists, photos and videos: describing the work of the author lithograph, decal, printing, magazine, promotional brochures.

In the introduction, the introduction immediately introduces us into the world of Banksy: Situationism, the protests in May 1968 and the Newcomers of the 70s and 80s. For the artist, they provide clear references to impressive modalities or yakınlık elective proximity Sanatçı. The three main themes follow the exhibition. Rebellion: Banksy, television, cinema, advertising, schools, museums etc. If he applies his cultural hegemony, he says that street performer is an ideal place to apply against hegemony.

The theme of the ihlal games çıkar of war: most of the artists' representatives and their activities is a violation of the wars and the logic that reveals them. Finally, the theme of targeted consumerism in most of his most famous works. Do not miss out on the art market that will naturally be exposed to the public. And then, the critique of the concept of consumption is one that promises a happiness that has a passion and then neglected. waiting for a discount. We're coming to the video sections: a documentary curated by Butterfly Art News, which is dedicated to the exhibition that tells the figure of Banksy in particular, based on his story, and explains his artistic approach with his works.

It's not his work on vinyl and CDs. The audience will be able to admire about sixty doors, painted by artists, from electronic music to hip-pop, from big electronic bands to hip-pop & # 39; a, Blur & Paris Hilton. Finally, a multimedia area of ​​the Storyville studio closes the way for the world of places where the artist works with wall paintings. In general, the exhibition speaks of a completely unusual way of meeting the Mudec mission, which provides the public with the key to understanding world cultures and major contemporary themes. The project that we will remember is designed by Gianni Mercurio and 24 ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24 ORE, designed by the Municipality of Milan-Culrtura and designed by Madeinart.

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