Sunday , October 17 2021

Second Circumcision Manifest, Director: Emergency, Unexpected Alarmism


The news had caused panic among parents, but the truth is that everything is under control.

ACERRA – A hospitalized child causes panic among the Parents of the Second Educational Circle: horror scabies, but in reality there is no alarm. The story began on Wednesday evening, when a freshman was taken to Santobono for a rash. The hospital's Acarus sleep report, the child will be treated normally at home and will only need to go back to school after health care and treatment. But yesterday, thanks to the news spreading thanks to the social and famous önce mothers group iz on whattsapp, the parents were quick and breathless to pick up their children before the ringtones.

"An unexpected alarmism – head teacher, Professor Rosaria, explained Coronella – but I certainly couldn't prevent it." In fact, the Director has carried out all the steps necessary to protect the health of children and all the steps necessary to contact the staff of the staff and non-teaching staff, the epidemiological center of Aslic in Casavatore, which Acerva refers to. Parents were advised to monitor skin rashes and pruritus in some sensitive areas. In this case, the infection occurred in the family. Once upon a time the white school & # 39; and recently named 'Don Peppe Diana & # 39; The courses in the historic building will continue regularly.

Yok It was just a personal dermatological problem: the head teacher lar and therefore, any alarmism in which the self is common among the parents of the other classes is unfair, inappropriate and disproportionate. kullanıl I trust the common sense of all parents. kullanıl Scabies, in fact, is transmitted only by skin-to-skin contact and linen used in the home. the director has also published an information leaflet on the school website.

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